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Hey, I’m your humble host Oliver Gann,  aka Ollie G. I’ve had a burden to proclaim Christ and relate with people naturally and in real ways. I can’t stand superficial, judgmental, boring, irrelevant things done in the name of Christ. Jesus unconditionally and infinitely loves us. He created and sustains everything. He has given us the incredible gifts of the cross and an empty grave where He laid. So my intention with KIR Radio sets solely on proclaiming Him for who He REALLY is. Jesus gives life purpose, understanding, hope, satisfaction, and excitement that go beyond measure. That’s the reason for Keepin’ It Real. I’ve got a bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Delaware and a master’s from Liberty Theological Seminary. I am definitely pro-education, but those degrees don’t qualify me to be the host of KIR Radio. What qualifies me would be the calling of God.  I greatly encourage you to listen as often as you can. If you have any questions or comments about the show, let us know. In the meantime, I look forward to sharing God’s relevant truth with you in a fresh, exciting way that I hope will bless you "Big-Time!!”
                                                                         -Ollie G.

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